Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wrestling with Salvation

I don't usually watch wrestling anymore, but last night I couldn't help myself. First off the only thing that has been on the TV here in the room has been Hallmark, Lifetime and Disney (I Carly and such). My mind was getting all mushy and such. So I had to have some relief last night. And what did I find, wrestling. Now I probably would have skipped over it, but they were talking about Sean Michaels retiring. Now I had no interest in him, except from a previous web search I did on wrestlers becoming Christians and I was hoping to hear something about Jesus in his farewell speach. I was not disappointed. In his next to last statement of thank yous, he said, "And to my Lord Jesus Christ, who saved me." Now I may have got the first part of the statement wrong, but I got the last half right, because that part stuck in my head. Many people will thank God or Jesus for something, but when he added this to the end that told me something. He knows Jesus saved Him. Some other wrestlers I know of right off the top of my head that have gotten saved were Cowboy Bill Watts (I encourage you to check out his site) http://www.cowboybillwatts.com/ , Dr Death Steve Williams (who I got to shared a plane ride with from Dallas back to his home in the Shreveport area, friendly fellow, BIG fellow) Ted DiBiase the Million Dollar Man, Sting and some others. It is great to see superstars get saved and sharing God's salvation with others.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Amazing Forgiveness

Well we finally made the trip to Hershey Pa, I talked about a while back. We had some vacation points that had to be used in an off-season and we had watched a movie called "Saving Sarah Cain" that made us want to come up and go to visit the Amish country, not far from here. As I was driving up I was listening to an audio CD that talked about Christianity and some of the different aspects of it. One was about forgiveness. An example that he used was of an incident that occured a few years ago at a little Amish school house. A man entered the school house with guns and ordered the teacher and the boys out of the school house. He boarded up the doors and bound the girls. From some of the stuff found later, it is clear he planned on molesting some of the girls before killing them. The police arrived not long after. From some accounts of those who survived the oldest girl offered her life for the others if he would let them go. Then the next youngest did the same. Some of my information is limited, so Google it to get a clearer picture. But at one point he shot all 10 girls at point blank range. Three died at the scene and two before the next morning in the hospital. How would you respond to the one who did this to your child?

A few days later after their children had been buried, they showed up at the funeral of the man who had killed and shot their children. They were there to support his widow and children. They even started a fund for his widow and children taken from the donations people had sent in to help them.

Why would they do this? It is the natural outpouring of true Christianity. Christians are forgiven much, and because of that, we can truly forgive. The Bible teaches us that we all have sinned. Sin is a willful choice to disobey God and it is rebellion from His love. It started in the garden of Eden. Their was only one restriction. Don't eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, yet Adam and Eve found themselves under it looking up and contemplating with Satan about it and came to the conclusion that God was not looking out for their best interest, He was being restrictive because He was a mean God. I find it interesting that they didn't even go to the tree they were encourage to eat a lot of, The Tree of Life. Ok, so I chased a rabbit, it's my blog, haha. But seriously, sin separates us from God and every person needs forgiveness, even if they don't think so. I read a statement one time by a person who ran a mental hospital. He said that about 75% of his patients could go home if they could just knew they were forgiven. When Jesus died on the cross he paid the death penalty that sin brings and provides the ultimate forgiveness if we would only accept it. Since He forgave us, we are to forgive others. The world does not teach us to do that. That is something we have to unlearn when we get saved. Unforgiveness is a poison that leads to bitterness and separation from God's fellowship and then it affects our relationships with others down here. Especially our families and our marriages. I have personally seen it's results in my own life. For me, I had to forgive one of the deepest hurts in my life, but my relationship with God was more important to me than what others might think about me. It is not that I would lose my salvation, but that I could not walk close to God while having hard feelings against those that my Jesus died for and that He loves the same as He does me, (Infinitely).

I saw where Lifetime will be playing a movie on this event tomorrow night called Amish Grace. I hope it portrays the event and forgiveness correctly. I have no faith in the stuff they put on TV anymore. Sorry. But it is about this event at the school house and forgiveness. I find it something that I can't ignore. Maybe it is God trying to tell me something or call my attention to this since I am reminded of this so much since being up here. Our family recently lost a niece to violence and the young man who did it got life without parole the other day. We all know we are to forgive. How do you get past something like that. One thing I find is that it is hard to hold a grudge against someone who has done something grievous to you. Our love for God and His relationship seems to transcend our pride. Did you know that when someone has done something wrong to you and you have hurt feelings toward that person, they have hurt your pride? Maybe more on that later. We are to see the other person as God sees us. How would that change the way we see others? Well these are just some things that have run through my mind lately. Remember, you are forgiven, Just accept that forgiveness.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ain't Technology Great

As I was headed down the road today, I got to thinking how it used to be at least in my time. I caught part of a movie called "The Grapes of Wrath". I think it was set back in the 30s. Henry Fonda was moving his family to California I think(I never read the book or got to see the whole movie) and I think the were driving across Oklahoma. They drove vehicle that reminded me of the Beverly Hillbillys with stuff hanging off everywhere. It looked like a tough trip.
My dad tells me of when they used to make a trip to Shreveport on Hwy 80. It was an
all day trip, the road was dirt and they had no air conditioner.

I remember going with my grandparents up to El Dorado to pick up car
parts since Granddaddy was a mechanic. Though it was only about 20
miles, it was planned out to get the most out of it. They would leave
a note on the door telling where the keys were (why lock it except to
keep out the illiterate) and fresh tea in the fridge and where the
leftovers were. The biscuits were in the oven haha. When they came
back Granddaddy would go out to the driveway and start looking for
tracks. He had had Rheumatoid fever when he was younger and it left him
bent over and he would walk around out there with his hands behind his
back looking at the ground. Then he would come back and tell us who
all came because the tracks they left. Anyways, we would always eat
sandwiches and eat plain lays outside the grocery store in the shade.

Anyways I remember when we would go out to Dallas, it was a trip and
we had to pack a lunch and carried our own food if we were staying
overnight. The eating joints weren't as abundant as today and we
didn't have the money to eat out. It always seemed like we would stop
at a Texas roadside stop that had picnic tables set up as oil wells. Or
maybe they made it like that later. But I remember when we went on
vacation, momma and daddy pouring over the maps. I learned how to read
road signs and maps and to calculate distance and time. Actually I
like it. I liked knowing where I was, where I was going, what was
coming up and how much longer to the next bathroom.

When I got old enough to be on my own it served me well. In fact I became the
stereotypical male. I didn't need to stop and ask for direction. I
studied those maps and knew all the intersections and towns. I would
sit down and figure the shortest route, the quickest route and the
easiest route. Then one day we stepped up in the world. I joined AAA.
Just tell them where and when you were going and what you wanted to
see and some more information. Within a week I had a thick package of
maps in my hand. It told us everything. I am an information addict. I
loved it. This even told what hotels and gas station were where. I
hadn't had this information before. I was uptown.

Fast forward to today. I am driving down the interstate on a multi-state trip. I don't
have a map in my car and had only glanced briefly at a map right before I left my house. But there
is this thing on my dash by the name of TomTom. He is full of
information. I just put my destination in and presto, instantly I am
told how far it is and the exact time I will arrive If I stick to his
schedule. Don't go missing turns because then he gets an attitude. I
am showed hotels, airports, railways roads, it not only shows me gas
stations, now with technology I can know their prices before I get
there. Ahh want more info? I got Onstar. I press a button tell them
where I want to go or ask where the nearest Burger King is and they
download it to me. I even had something going on with my car yesterday
that concerned me, so I called them and they ran a diagnostic and told
me everything was ok. Let's see, my info center tells me the time,
temp,tire pressure in all 4 tires, gas mileage, how much farther I can
go on a tank of gas. I got a built in cell phone. Remember the day the
only way you could call on a trip was to find a payphone and if someone
died at home they might be buried when you get home before you know
anything about it. With cellphones now we are never out of touch, well
unless you live in my part of the country. Now I get email, check the
blogs and make reservations from this little device we can't do without
now. In fact I am typing this outside of Lynchburg Va on my cell
sitting at a Cracker Barrel. "No thank you, I don't need any desert,
but if you would top off my glass I would be grateful. Thank you." Oh
sorry about that. I am also carrying on a text conversation with my
wife and daughter who are visiting Washington DC on a tour.

Wow, how far has technology come? Our grandparents would be amazed. But you
know there is one Who has always been the same and will always remain
the same. He is so far ahead of technology that this stuff is rotary dial to
Him. He was and is and always will be. What do I mean by that? God has
always existed, He exists now, and He will always exist. God is
infinite, everyone and everything is finite. That means the we have a
beginning and are controlled by time. God created time so He has to be
outside of time. Jesus said "Before Abraham was, I am." Did Jesus
misspeak. No because the Pharisees accused Him of calling Himself God.
By saying I am, he was saying I exist, before time, now in time, and
in the future. But I say all this to say no technology will ever
approach the greatness of the One who loves you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Dad

I am thankful to God for my Dad. He worked hard to provide for his family. He worked offshore and so he was only home every other week. And we looked forward to it. He was faithful and loving to momma and they are still married. In fact it was 50 years this past December. He was a steady figure in our family, if that makes sense. He was even tempered. It surprised me the one time I saw him get angry. And that wasn't until after I was grown. And I don't blame him, I may have reacted the same way. In fact at around the 7th or 8th grade when you are trying to determine who you are, I saw this and heard how others talked about him and I decided I wanted to be like my Daddy. Of course as boys we want to be like that, but I remember making that conscious decision on the school bus one day. Why do I remember that, I don't know. I was trying to decide what to do for a living in high school and my dream had been to join the military and the time came to join and choose a career field. I had seen my dad help out a neighbor by going under their house and fixing a pipe. Guess what, I decided to become a plumber in the air force. My Dad has had a BIG impact on my life. And I am greatful for that, except the lack of hair he left me with. Of course that ran on both sides of the family. But I have a Heavenly Father who is greater and who I want to pattern my life after. As a father, neither me or my dad can come close to our Heavenly Father. But our children get their view of God from their earthly fathers. Oh, no pressure there huh? If we are abusive our children will see God as abusive. If we are loving they will see God as loving. If we are distant, they will see God as distant. And I could go on, and I hope you get the picture. Though we will never be Jesus, we are the picture of Christ to our families. Are we living up to that? Thank you Daddy for loving us and doing all you did for us. Thank you Father God for all you do for us. And thank you for giving me a Daddy who never left or was abusive.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Be Careful what you say.

Be careful what you say and how you act. The other day I was at a McDonalds and ordered the same ole thing, the same ole way I always do. All the other McDonalds understand and get it right without any questions. But on this day I ordered it and I got the question of grilled or crunchy. Well what I ordered came with a hamburger patty. I ordered the same thing again with a coke. I got a puzzled look then I think I got the question, what sauce. I say, I think because there was no eye contact and mumbling. I said no sauce. She looked puzzled. So I made the same order a fourth time with a drink. OK, I paid for it and stepped aside yet she didn't give me a cup. I asked for the cup and she said I didn't order a coke, I said I did, she said I didn't. Frustrated I said never mind. I really could have acted in a very bad way. As I turned around there was someone I knew from a local church that I knew. Glad I held my tongue. Be careful, someone is watching you. This may not make sense to some who might read this. But you would understand if you were watching me and knew I was a Christian and began cursing and making a scene. You might say, I don't want to be a Christian if that is the way they act. We need to be self controlled so we don't turn people away from Christ.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Warning Signs of Abuse

In response to another blog, I promised to post the following information. I have copied a list of warning signs of abuse. Read and ask the questions. I copied them from the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness Center. The site has a load of abuse. The site also lists an 800 number for help. 800-799-7233. If you need prayer, just email me your name, you can use an alias. email is mygodsbeengood.blogspot@live.com

Warning Signs of Abuse

The following questions ask you about your relationship. If you are not currently in a relationship, these are signs or "red flags" to assist people in identifying a potentially abusive person.

  • Do you feel nervous around your partner?
  • Do you have to be careful to control your behavior to avoid their anger?
  • Do you feel pressured by your partner when it comes to sex?
  • Are you scared of disagreeing with your partner?
  • Does your partner criticize you, or humiliate you in front of other people?
  • Are they always checking up on you or questioning you about what you do without your partner?
  • Does your partner repeatedly and wrongly accuse you of seeing or flirting with other people?
  • Does your partner tell you that if you changed they wouldn't abuse you?
  • Does your partner's jealousy stop you from seeing friends or family?
  • Does your partner make you feel like you are wrong, stupid, crazy or inadequate?
  • Have they ever scared you with violence or threatening behavior?
  • Does your partner prevent you from going out or doing things you want to do?
  • Are you expected to do things to please your partner, rather than to please yourself?
  • Do you feel that, with your partner, nothing you ever do is good enough?
  • Does your partner say that they will kill or hurt you or themselves if you break up with them?
  • Does your partner make excuses for behavior, for example, by saying it's because of alcohol or drugs, or because they can't control their temper, or that they were "just joking"?

You do not deserve to be abused. Create a safety plan or call someone to talk about your relationship. You may also want to contact the police or a local domestic violence center or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Megan Colvin Update 3-13-10

We went to visit my wife's coworker/friend that I mentioned in a previous post last night at LSU who was suddenly taken ill and was put on the vent and then on the heart lung bypass machine to get oxygen in her blood and try to save her and her unborn child. Unfortunately she lost her child, but she is improving and is just on the vent right now. Though she could not talk, she was able to interact with us. It is amazing how much talk someone can do with their eyes. She has a long ways to go and after being released from the hospital will need to go through rehab. God has done a wonderful work in getting her this far. We always believe God is in control and answers prayers. We are currently praying for a full recovery and are also praying for this young families finances. As you can see she is very young and have two small children. Her husband Michael is a wonderful husband, father and person. He has not worked these 3 weeks she has been in the hospital. So as you might know their finances will be stretched quite thin. I am posting a flyer below for a raffle to raise money for the family. I had never heard of this before, but Whirlpool has "donated" this washer dryer combo above to Polks furniture to raise money for the Colvin Family. Your prayers and donations are appreciated.

I want to be what God has called me to be

I don't want to be a good enough Christian.
I want to be the Christian God has called me to be.
I don't want to be a good enough father.
I want to be the father God has called me to be.
I don't want to be a good enough husband.
I want to be the husband God has called me to be.
I don't want to be a good enough son.
I want to be the son God has called me to be.
I don't want to be a good enough friend.
I want to be the kind of friend God has called me to be.
I want to be what God has called me to be.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Sweety is Home

Well I tried to post this the other day from my cell phone, but I guess since I got a new phone, I will have to refigure out how to do it again. But anyways, Praise God, my wife came home from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. God still answers prayers. He is good all the time. We have some medical issues we will have to address after we get back from vacation in April, we trust God will be right there with us. Thank you for your prayers and kind words during this time in our lives. God bless your day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

When The Unplanned Happens

Well I just got back from the hospital. My wife is spending a second night there and since my daughter is spending the night at her Grandma's the house is quiet and empty. So I have the TV on in the background playing Contemporary Christian music. You know Saturday we had our plans for the week. Sunday morning my wife wasn't feeling well, but decided to go to church. She didn't feel up to going to my parents house for lunch and just wanted to sleep. So I left her and Pamela here and went an visited. I had plans to teach at church that evening. But plans were about to change. My wife, Jerri, decided she needed relief from some pain. When she says she needs to go to the emergency room, it is time. They ended up admitting her and doing tests. Tonight she is still there. But my point is, you never know what is going to happen in the next couple of minutes. What will that next phone call bring? What will happen on your next drive? What does that next cough mean coming from your child's room. Is it the start of a nightmare? You know, I grew up in a time, that if the phone rang after 10 o'clock at night, it was an emergency. My wife is a nurse and she had a young nurse come to work after working for 3 weeks she was getting sick. She was about 12 weeks pregnant. And she had some flu like symptoms. She ended up at Willis Knighton and a couple days later her oxygen levels dropped, by that night she was at LSU on a ventilator and sedated. Her husband and family were in shock when we arrived. By the next day she was on a heart lung bypass machine. This has been more that 2 weeks, now she has lost the baby and is off the bypass machine and back on the ventilator. And seems to be slowly improving though it is still up and down and day by day. If she continues to improve it will probably take her the rest of the year to recuperate. Some of you have read some of my reports on Wesley Harty. His family was thrown into turmoil in an instance. You know when these things happen, you seem like you are just along for the ride and you have no control over what is going on. A few years ago my world seem to come crashing down in an instant. I really had no control of what was going on. Oh I tried some things, but I was just along for the ride with the doors locked so I couldn't get out. But you know this was my mindset. A few years before this happened, I fell in love with God. He became my strong tower, my support, my strength. Can I say this, if you are truly saved, learn how to lean on God everyday. Almost like a pitcher practices for the day he can enter the game, one day we will enter the game. On this day, I entered the game. And quickly I found that I didn't know what to do. I was lost. The only thing I could think of was to fall before God and cry. If I had not been walking with God, I would have done something stupid. But this was a long ride. I found I could not see 6 inches ahead of me. Darkness had fallen. I found myself wandering around walmart or home depot, since there was only loneliness at home. God was my main friend. I had a good friend who was pastoring a different church but we had served together and I dare say he is still my best friend. I would confide in him and we would pray. But God was my strength. I determined not to abandon Him, I knew He would not abandon me. Even if things didn't work out the way I prayed. One night as I was praying and telling God just how much it hurt, in my spirit I heard Him say, "I know and I love you. Hang on just a little longer." Wow! you see, God was doing a work in my life and wasn't finished. It is just like baking a cake. you don't take it out halfway through the process or you end up with a half baked cake. Yuk!. If I had abandoned the process before He was done, then I would be a half Baked christian and be more danger than good. So I drew closer to Him. I can't say that my prayers were answered in the way I prayed. But God has truly blessed me from that experience for His good and for the good of others. Look, learn to walk with Him now, the Bible says those times will come. When those times come, draw close to Him. He loves you more that you will ever know. Dark times can be the best of times. If you ever need prayer and it is private email me. I don't need to know specifics, I just need to know you need prayer. If you are not sure of your salvation I would be glad to help you find peace through salvation. Oh, and I believe God is in control with my wife's health. God Bless. email address. mygodsbeengood.blogspot@live.com

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Justice For Petey

Well the trial is over and the verdict was guilty of 2nd degree murder. We are all thankful for answered prayers. We believe the sentence will be life without parole when they pronounce sentencing on the 17th. Thanks for the prayers. Now our prayers are for God to heal the broken hearted. Satan is poised and ready to bring bitterness into people lives. As a Christian we "must" forgive to be able to walk with God. My prayer also is for the salvation of the convicted. There is such a message of Grace in what Jesus did for us in this. Perhaps I will visit that at a later date. Rest easy Precious "Petey" Story, you are loved and remembered by many.
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