Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well Merry Christmas. I know we can't be accurate about the date of our Saviors birth, but at least we have a day we come together and make a big deal about it. It shouldn't be the only day we celebrate His coming though, because He came to seek and to save the lost. So, Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you have a blessed holiday season. And Happy Birthday Jesus. And in regards to when His birthday might be, I copied the following out of one of my study books. Enjoy.

7. When was Jesus born?
a. What year was Christ born?
1) Jesus was born in 4 or 5 BC.
Why is this a BC date?
2) Our modern calendar was not established until centuries after the time of Christ. Dionysius the Monk who first prepared it for Pope John I (525 AD) simply miscalculated.
3) How do we know Christ was born this early? Herod the Great, who tried to murder the baby Jesus, did between March 29 and April 11 of 4 BC.
b. What Day was Jesus born?
1) In answering this question, any dogmatic positions must be rejected, such as:
a) The dogmatic position that Jesus was born on December 25th (the traditional date of the Western Church).
b) The dogmatic position that Jesus was born on January 6th (the traditional date of the Eastern Church).
c) Any dogmatic position regarding an Exact date. We simply cannot know with total certainty and must hold our opinions somewhat tentatively.
d) The dogmatic position that Jesus could not have been born on December 25. The evidence against this date is not nearly as strong as some propose.
2) While no dogmatic position can be accepted with absolute certainty, we do have indications that give us some general idea concerning the date of Christ’s birth.
a) The date of the death of Herod the Great.
1] Herod died between March 29 and April 11, 4 BC
2] The Gospel narrative necessitates that Christ’s birth occurred at least 2 months before Herod’s death.
3] This makes January of 4 BC the latest possible date for Jesus’ birth.
b) The Angelic Announcement to Zacharias concerning the birth of John.
1] Zacharias was of the priestly course of Abia. (Lk 1:5)
2] We cannot know with absolute certainty the date of the priestly courses. However two historical sources mention which course was on duty when the temple was destroyed by the Romans on August 5, 70 AD.
3] Calculating backwards through time and the priestly courses, we arrive at the date of October 2-9 for the course of Abia the year before Christ’s birth.
4] Adding 6 months of Elisabeth’s pregnancy before Mary conceived and the 9 months of Mary’s pregnancy, we arrive at the end of December of 5 BC for the birth of Christ.
c) The earliest traditions indicate a mid-winter birth.
d) The earliest mention of a specific date of Christ’s birth is by Hippolytus (165-235 AD) who gives December 25 as the date.
e) John Chrysostom stated in 386 AD that December 25 was the correct date and this tradition has dominated ever since.
f) As was noted earlier, arguments against a mid-winter birth from the shepherds abiding in the field are not valid.
g) An early Jewish source notes December 25 as a fast day celebrating an unknown event. Many believe that the event was Christ’s birth.
h) December 25 was also the date of a perverse pagan fertility ritual, the feast of Saturnalia, associated with the religion of “Mystery Babylon” (Babel), Nimrod, Tammuz, and Semerimus.
1] This was supposedly the time of the birth of Tammuz. The fact that December 25 coincides with this pagan holiday is the chief reason for questioning the date as the actual time of Christ’s birth.
2] Many of the traditions associated with our modern Christmas observances arose from this pagan festival.
i) In conclusion, we note:
1] We know that Christ’s birth almost certainly occurred in late December of 5 BC or early Jan of 4 BC. The only 2 specific dates ever proposed which have ever gained real acceptance fall within these time limits.
2] There is actually more evidence for the December 25 date than any other.
3] WE cannot be dogmatic about the true date of the first “Christmas”.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wesley Harty's Miracle

"Wesley is a complete Miracle from God. Christmas Day will be four months to the day since his accident. God has healed him so has been amazing to see his improvement from day to day. It has been a hard road to travel, but we knew God was there carrying us through every step of the way. We are so thankful for the best Christmas gift God could ever give us; besides the gift of Jesus Christ, our son's miraculouus recovery is one to treasure for a lifetime! Thank you Darrel for this blog site & spreading God's wonderous works!" Angelia Harty.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do You Know?

I have carried this poem around in my billfold for years. From time to time I will see it and read it. It always reminds me of how I should treat others. It also reminds me that others are looking for Hope, and I reflect the Hope that is within me and that is Jesus Christ.

Do You Know

Do you know
do you understand
that you represent
Jesus to me?

Do you know
do you understand
that when you treat me with gentleness,
it raises the question in my mind
that maybe He is gentle, too.
Maybe He isn’t someone
who laughs when I am hurt.

Do you know
do you understand
that when you listen to my questions
and you don’t laugh,
I think, “What if Jesus is interested in me, too?”

Do you know
do you understand
that when I hear you talk about arguments
and conflict and scars from your past,
I think, “Maybe I am just a regular person
instead of a bad, no-good little girl
who deserves abuse.”

If you care,
I think maybe He cares—
and then there’s this flame of hope
that burns inside of me
and for a while
I am afraid to breathe
because it might go out.

Do you know
do you understand
that your words are His words?
Your face, His face
to someone like me?

Please, be who you say you are.
Please, God, don’t let this be another trick.
Please let this be real.

Do you know
do you understand
that you represent
Jesus to me?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Story Begins

There had been 400 years of silence from God, between the Old and New Testament. It was like the quiet before something big was about to happen. In Luke 1:5-25 we see a couple Zacharias and Elizabeth who were on up in years and childless. On a certain day Zacharias entered the temple to do his duties, which he may have only done once in his lifetime. He was to take the prayers of the people before the Lord and come back out and tell them whether their prayers had been accepted while they waited, bowed low outside. On this particular day though while he was in the Temple alone, he sensed a presence and was startled to see a figure since he was supposed to be the only one there. It was an angel, Gabriel, who told him there prayers had been heard and they would have a child. He was to name the child John. He would be the forerunner of the Messiah. Zacharias couldn't believe what he was being told and wanted a sign. The sign was that he would not be able to talk until after the birth of John. When he came out, he could not speak. Upon the birth of his son he was able to speak and name the child. This child grew up to be John the Baptist. And so the Christmas Story begins.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Operation Christmas Child @ Weldon Baptist Church 3

This week I had the privilege of going to Atlanta to help with Operation Christmas Child. This is where people from all around take a shoebox and wraps it in Christmas wrapping and fills it with small gifts. The boxes are then taken to collection points then shipped to different distribution points in the US for final inspection, taping and loaded into larger boxes depending on the gender and age of the child this box was packed for. As I was taping so many boxes, I thought, "The Love of so many is flowing through my hands to needy children around the world, who have probably nothing" As I watched my wife and kids and niece and nephew and friends and family work so tirelessly all day, just how blessed I truly was. And you would expect the hard work from adults, but I was really impressed with my 13 Y.O. daughter and my 13 Y.O. nephew, who have been waiting for years to go, since they had to be 13, work so diligently and tirelessly without complaining. She even cracked the whip on me a couple of times. Even with the bad in this world, there is good, and there is hope. My family and friends worked so hard because they understood the need for the love of Christ that other people need. Thanks to all who do acts of kindness to others.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Operation Christmas Child @ Weldon Baptist Church 2

Well my wife and son took OCC boxes down to Pisgah to drop off to be sent to a distribution center for processing then shipping out of the country. Phillip's goal is to see how many boxes he can get into a car and his tradition is that you can only use one car. Well this year was the most boxes we have ever had, 213 boxes. So here is what it looks like to get 213 christmas boxes in a Chevy Equinox. Monday we head out to Atlanta to help in a distribution center and back to here on Wednesday. Prayer for a safe and productive trip are appreciated. And pray that each box received by a needy child impacts their lives for Christ.

Wesley Harty Update 33

Well the surgery to put the skull flap back in place and to place a drain tube in was successful Thursday. Wesley came home earlier today. Continue to pray for his recovery. God is good.
Also happy birthday to Wesley, who had a birthday earlier this week. November is a good month for birthdays. Mine and my daughter's was Sunday, Wesley's was Monday, my sons is Monday and my stepdaughters is Thursday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Operation Christmas Child @ Weldon Baptist Church

Well another year has come and gone and it is that time of the year again when the Christmas spirit is in the air. But that spirit has been in the air for months at our church. Kinda reminds me of those cartoons with Santa's workshop getting things ready for Christmas. Thanks goes out to those who give and give and give more, so that children around the world might recieve a piece of heaven they might not otherwise get. This year we will ship at least 200 boxes through Operation Christmas Child all over the world. Every year we have a dedication service where we will get a box with a tag on it that says boy or girl and the age of the child it was packed for and we will pray for that child. I will have to admit every year when I get the box, I have to fight back tears as I pray over the child that box is headed to. I get to go this year to Atlanta to help since my work for next week seems to have slacked up. Yay!!. If you have a chance to pack a box for Operation Christmas Child do so and God will bless you. Here are some pictures of the boxes that are going from our church. If you want to know more go to I am sure Phillip has more on this.

Wesley Harty Update 32

Well it's been a while since I posted an update on Wesley. Wesley is doing well. Monday he celebrated his 9th birthday. He had to have his gall bladder out a couple weeks ago. That seems to have gone well. Thursday he is scheduled to have surgery to put the bone flap they removed to allow room for swelling, back in place. We pray only the best for him. God has done a miracle in his life and the life of this family and community. "My God's been Good"

Friday, November 13, 2009

What must I do to sin?

As a Christian, I know it is wrong to sin. When I know a sin is a sin and I want to do it, I must push past Jesus, who is standing in the door pleading with me not to do it. He won't prevent me from doing it. Another words, sin is not an accident, it is willfull rebellion against a Holy and Loving God. If sin were an accident there would have been no need for a savior. God would not condemn us for accidents.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How Great is Your God?

Is your God so great that your heart falls down before Him in awe and worship at His majesty and greatness? Is He worthy of being first in and receiving any sacrifice of your time, your service, your obedience, and your treasure? Is His wisdom and love for you so great that you know that His answers are the answers for every need of your heart and life? Is your God big enough that He has the unquestioned right to rebuke your sin and tell you what to do? Is your god so big that you cannot help but surrender to Him as Lord of every area of your life?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last night was the first of our revival services. We had 2 souls saved. God is Awesome.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Love and Love Well

Luke 6:27-28 (KJV) 27 But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, 28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. "Love and Love Well" seems to be a new theme put forth by Mercy Me last night. As I read these verses, I am impressed those we are to "Love Well" are those who are hard to love right now. We are to love them in prayer, word and deed. Sometimes God places people in our path who are hard to love to help us mature spiritually. Don't miss out on this blessing. Also I see that if there is a command as above, then there is an inherent blessing also.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't forget to do something good in memory of Maggie Lee Henson today. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Revival Services at Weldon

Starting Sunday night we will start revival services at our church. Bro. Jack Daniels will be preaching. Pray that our hearts would respond to the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 31

Well the latest on Wesley is that he has been home for a couple of weeks and has actually gone to school and made a 100 on a test. But he has had some problems lately and it was determined that he needed to have his gall bladder removed. So he will have it removed this Thursday. He had an episode yesterday and had to go to the ER. He had some swelling that was affecting his eyes. But it went down before the day was done and went home the same day. God has done a miracle in his life. Continue to pray for him as he continues to recover.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Only Way

The picture you see means something to me and maybe to many of you. I found this picture on the net a few weeks ago and I have used it on occasion with some of my posts. The exact same picture hung at the front of the sanctuary of our old church for all those years as a kid that I went to church (that I remember). I wonder when it was put up. I remember staring at it during the service (what did the preacher say) and thinking and pondering on it. Not really knowing the story behind the scene in the garden. Usually at some point my meditation on the picture would be interupted by a burning twisting sensation on my ear. Momma would be twisting my ear. I don't know why since I was such a little angel. I think it was my brothers fault, and since my ear was at just the right length for mamma to reach without bending her elbow she would latch onto my ear. I usually sat on the end and my 2 brothers and sister sat between us. But back to the picture. Now it means even more to me, because it reminds me of what my Savior was about to endure. Many say that Jesus was agonizing over the decision to go to the Cross or not. I believe that it was for our benefit that the scene in the Garden unfolded the way it did. There was something He said there that I have pondered over and come to a conclusion as to why He would say what He did. He said , basically, Father if there be another way, then let's do it that way. And God's answer was for Jesus to go to the Cross. You see in this way God was saying there is no other way. Jesus also said, He is the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father except through Him. I am glad there is only one way, because now I can know that I have chosen the only way. If there were more than one way, Satan would counterfiet more ways just like he does now, except then we would have to figure out which was fake and which were real. Thank you Jesus for what you did for me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a Glance from Jesus

I was reminded of a story tonight, at the moment Peter denied Jesus for the third time he looked through the crowd and caught a glance of Jesus as He looked at Him. At that moment Peter was broken to repentance. Do you remember as a kid how if you were doing something wrong all your mother or father had to do was to give you "the look" and you would stop what you were doing? I remember a few years ago, I had a dream. I saw a cloud floating overhead, then the cloud changed into a hand and then it snapped its fingers and pointed at me, just like a parent might do to a child to get their attention. It certainly got my attention and reminded me that God was watching and was not pleased with me. How hard is our hearts when we sin? How much does it take for Jesus to bring us back to Him through repentance. I think our heart should be so soft towards God that just the smallest thing including a glance should bring us back to Him. How does Jesus glance at us? Through verses in the Bible, prayer, other christians confronting us about our sins in love and other ways. If you are mindful of the sin and know it is wrong, for the Christian that is Jesus staring at you.

Wesley Harty Update 30

Well it has been a while, but I noticed today that Wesley is going back to school tomorrow. Of course his mom is going with him. She said 3rd grade. She also said that his appointment with a neurosurgeon went well and won't see him again for a couple weeks unless things change. He is still improving dailey. He still has some swelling and still has the flap open. God has done a might miracle in this families life.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Church Family

I have been so busy lately, I just don't have time to do much of anything. But one thing I get to do is a lot of driving back and forth to jobs. I spend a lot of time with God while I drive and this past week was no different. One day as I was driving I began to "Count my many blessings" as the old hymn goes and I came to my church family. I realized just how important they are to me and my family and how they have been there with me through good times and bad. They are always and encouragement to us. And hopefully we are the same to them. Heartaches and trouble abound but so does the joy. I am always amazed at how when they talk to my 12 year old daughter who thinks she should be 18 sometimes, their advice is always the same as our has been and so reinforces what we have said and that we are not wrong just because we are parents. So I want to say thanks to my church family and we love you. God Bless.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Swine Flu Paranoia

Well I have been very conscious of washing my hands and trying to avoid the possibility of getting the Swine Flu. I hope I don't get quite as paranoid as these folks in the picture.

Wesley Harty Update 30

Well Wesley came home Friday, apparently he still has some swelling of the brain so they are not ready to close the flap on his head just yet. He is to start outpatient rehab this Thursday. They are talking about him going back to school and about 6 or 7 weeks. God has done a mighty work in this young boys life and with his family. This whole community has seen what God can do.

Friday, October 2, 2009

God in our Storms

I took this picture as we were driving through storms. The sun was shining through a hole in the clouds. It reminded me that God is in our storms.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wesley Hartey Update 30

Wesley should be coming home Friday, Praise God!!
Angelea writes: just one more day of therapy then on our way home friday....will continue outpatient therapy for a little while & start back to school in a few weeks. He's improving everyday....I told all of you he was gonna be ok...just look at what God can do!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Jesus God? He is Eternally Preexistant.

Well I said I would put forth evidence that Jesus is God, so here is my first posting on this. This will come in a series of postings to put the picture together. I have taken this from my classes at Faith Bible Institute. This first part talks about how Jesus has always existed, even before the world was created. Only God could be eteranally preexistent.

The only truly eternal Being in existence is God. All others are created beings who came into existence at some point in time. Angels and man may live for Eternity future, but only God has existed from all of Eternity Past. The Bible declares that Jesus is the Creator God Who has existed for all of Eternity.

It is possible to accept the temporal preexistence of Jesus (before His conception in the womb of Mary) without accepting His eternal preexistence and Deity.

As examples, both the Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon religions teach that Jesus preexisted before His earthly conception. They both still reject His eternal preexistence and Deity, teaching that He was created at an earlier time.

To reject the Eternal Preexistence of Christ is to reject His nature as the Eternal Creator God and demote Him to the status of a created being.

It is thus possible to accept the preexistence of Christ without accepting His Deity, but it is impossible to accept Christ’s Deity and not believe in His preexistence. The Scriptures dogmatically declare both His Eternal Preexistence and Deity.

A. Christ’s Eternal Preexistence is Declared in the Old Testament.

The Eternal Preexistence of Christ the Messiah is declared by the Old Testament Prophet, Micah. (Micah 5:2)
“But thou, Bethlehem…out of thee shall He come forth…Whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.” Micah 5:2
1. This Hebrew Scripture clearly declares that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, but that He did not come into existence at His birth or at His conception.
2. The Messiah was to be One who was not only preexistent before His birth, but also One Who was eternally preexistent [as can only be true of God.]

B. Christ’s Eternal Preexistence is declared by the New Testament.

1. Christ’s Eternal Preexistence is declared by John the Baptist.
“…For He [Jesus] was before me [John].” (John 1:15; cf. John 1:27, 30
John makes this statement even though John’s birth was 6 months before Jesus’ birth.
2. Christ’s Eternal Preexistence is declared by John the Apostle. (Jn 1:1,14; 1 Jn 1:2)
a. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.” (Jn 1:1-2)
Who is referred to in this passage?

Verse 14 clearly identifies the Word as Jesus Christ: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…the only begotten of the Father…” (Jn 1:14)

b. “…That Eternal Life [Jesus], which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us…” (1 Jn 1:2)

3. Christ’s Eternal Preexistence is declared by Peter – “[Christ] Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifested in these last times for you.” (1 Peter 1:20)

4. Christ’s Eternal Preexistence is declared by Christ Himself.
a. John 6:38 – “I came down from heaven…”
b. John 6:51 – “I am the living bread which came down from heaven..”
c. John 6:62 – “What and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up where He was before?”
d. John 8:58 – “…Before Abraham was, I Am.”
Jesus makes this statement even though Abraham lived and died some 2000 years before His Own earthly birth. Notice also that “I AM” is the holy name of God given to Moses at the burning bush (Ex 3:14). Jesus is here claiming for Himself the name of Jehovah God.

e. John 17:5 – “And now, O Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine Own Self with the glory which I had with Thee Before the world was.”

1) In Isaiah 42:8, God declared: “I am the Lord: that is My Name, and My glory will I not give to another…”.
2) Here though, we see that Jesus asks the Father to share His Divine Glory [which He once possessed] with Him again.
3) We are forced to conclude either that Jesus was an arrogant imposter, claiming to have once possessed the glory of God, or that He is indeed God robed in human flesh.

Wesley Harty Update 29

Here is the latest on Wesley, I hadn't heard anything in a while. His mom wrote:

Wesley is doing so good today & he knows it...he told me "Moma I'm gonna be a normal kid again! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog Tales: The Watchdog

Well I thought I would post something my daughter's dog again. I don't know what to do with him. I hope you enjoy this.

The other day, I came by the house early in the afternoon to pick up some parts for another job. I was surprised to find a man standing out on the road in front of my house in an orange jump suit. As I live out in the country not close to other houses, this was very unusual. Also orange jump suits around here are the special uniform for those who live in the local parish hotel run by our men in uniform. I was a bit concerned, but since my dog had him cornered on the road, at first I wasn’t concerned a whole lot until I noticed he was keeping the stranger company and kind of looked like he was looking for a handout from the man in orange. I pulled up in the driveway and got out of my truck and realized that my dog was just keeping him company. “What am I feeding this watchdog for?” I was reminded of a story I read a few years ago by Patrick McManus, where a dog showed up at his house as a kid so they called him stranger. After a while they shortened his name to Strange which fit his character, or lack thereof. He wrote that when the Hobos would come through Strange would go out and sit with him and exchange information for what little handout they could spare. He imagined the conversation would go like this, “They don’t have much but the silverware is in the top drawer by the stove”. After awhile the Hobo would move on after getting disgusted after Strange displayed some of his most unusual habits. Anyways, I decided to be cautiously friendly and waved and shouted “hey”. I got no response just a stare. This didn’t make me feel to secure and I thought, today is trash day and I know the parish sometimes uses the prisoners to help pickup and since the next house about ¾ mile away was a turnaround before they returned back by my house figured that was what was going on. I also realized I hadn’t put out the trash, so I shouted and asked if they were picking up trash. Again I got no answer, just a stare. So I decided that we had not been that trashy that week and decided to wait another week before wheeling the trash can out to the road where the stranger in orange was. I proceeded inside, but went to the window to see what might happen. My “daughter’s dog” returned to visit with him. A few minutes later the trash truck returned to pick him up. But right before he got in the truck I noticed headphones. No wander he didn’t answer back. Even my daughter ignores me when she puts hers on. I hope the dog gets the idea he is to be a watchdog someday instead of a mooch dog. Oh, the Patrick McManus books are hilarious.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heavy Heart

I have a heavy heart this morning as I have gotten word that a good friend's wife may have cancer. Yet at the same time we rejoice in answer prayers for 3 others we have prayed over. Earl was told that there are no more cancer cells and just needs to take treatments. Wanda is expected to get out of the hospital soon. And Wesley's projected release date has been moved up. Even though Maggie Lee pass away, for the christian, she was totally healed. Prayer does work. My God's Been Good.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 28

Angelea posted the following update on Wesley, what a miracle. He was supposed to be there for 6 weeks, this would be a really early release.

The tentative discharge date is next friday!! He will continue outpatient therapy for a period of time. He is getting a day out tomorrow afternoon as part of his therapy & he is going to the aquarium.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 27

Here is an update on Wesley from his mother:
Wesley did great in tberapy today...he did mind games (which he scored ave. to above ave.), wlkd on a balancing board, played the piano, italian bowling & crochet. He actually beat the therapist in a race on a trike riding down the road! The neu...rologist sd his dilantin level is high & so she is reducing his dosage which cld be causing some of his problems :)

Some Monday Thoughts

Well here it is Monday again. I plan to make the best of it. We had a good weekend, got to spend all day with my wife Saturday. I took her on a service call with me then to visit a friend in the hospital then to eat. Sunday was a wonderful day at church. I didn't know Eric had surrendered to preach, and so we got to hear him. He did a good job. He allowed God to speak through him. I have not heard any updates on Wesley since my last post. I assume, no news is good news, but continue in prayer. Last week was a great week in Cotton Valley. 42 souls save and their lives will be changed forever. Also something many of us don't consider on Mondays. For many pastors and preachers, Mondays are hard. They have built up to Sunday and given their all on Sunday, so they are emotionally and sometimes spiritually drained on Monday. Oswald Chambers likes to use a phrase, "We are to be poured out wine and broken bread." just like Jesus. This is the case in so many of these men's lives. Now they go back to God to be refilled and put back together so they can be broken bread and poured out wine again. We are all to be broken bread and poured out wine in the service of God for others. Today, call your pastor and tell him you appreciate him and pray for him over the phone. If you don't have a pastor, I am sure their is someone you know that preaches that you could call. Have a blessed week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cotton Valley Revival Services Update

Here is an update sent to me by Brother Lavelle about the revival going on in Cotton Valley.

Well, folks, here I am again to give you an update on the revival that has been going on in Cotton Valley. There were 3 more people, all adults, who trusted Jesus as their Savior tonight. One lady was brought to me after almost everyone had left, by one of our deacons. He told me that she had come to him and told him that she wanted to be saved. So, in the Sunday school office, I led her to the Lord and she prayed and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Praise the Lord! We had a total of 42 people snatched from the flames of hell this week, in Cotton Valley, by trusting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. To God be all of the glory. The Lisembys and David Daniels did a great job of singing for us and, as usual, Bro. Jack preached the Word. But, the thing that made the most difference was that the Holy Spirit of God showed up and touched lives, changed hearts, and drew people to Jesus. God helped people understand that they needed a personal relationship with Jesus more than anything else in this world. We also had a number of rededications and several more people moved their membershp to Unity Baptist Church. Although the revival services are over, my prayer is that we will never look back or give up, but that we will continue to press forward, not to just grow but to grow by leading lost people to Jesus. My prayer, for Unity BC, is that we would never be satisfied until everyone has heard the wonderful story of God's awesome love for us and that true revival would never end here. Please pray for Unity BC, for its leadership, and for me, as its pastor. There will be a lot of growing pains and Satan is, more than likely, already planning an attack to try to steal our joy. A slave to the Master, Bro. Lavelle Spillers.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 26

Here is an update from Angelea: Wesley did so good in his first day of therapy yesterday...he has occupational, physical, speech, recreational & music therapy...he amazed me of his ability. He can stand up, sit down, walk (a little balance issue ...yet)...but he is doing GREAT! ...Keep praying...God is to give credit for his speedy recoverý :)Read More

An Update from Cotton Valley

Well, here I sit again, in my office, Thursday night after revival. Everyone has finally gone home except me and the Lord. That is when I like to be at the office the most. It's so quite that you could hear a fly belch. Just me and the Lord. I love him so much, and yet, I don't feel as though my love for Him is really adequate to the degree that He deserves. And yet, although my love for the Lord may not be what it really needs to be, I know that His love for me is sufficient; sufficient enough to cover my multitude of sins and to forgive me and to prepare a place for me that defies being described by the human vocabulary. The awesome thing is, is that His love is sufficient for everyone else who would call upon the name of His only begotten Son, Jesus, also. Praise the Lord, for He is worthy to be praised! This was the last night of the revival for the Lisembys; they had to go home and prepare for another revival meeting, which starts Monday night. They were truly wonderful. They lift up and glorify, to the best of our human ability, the name of Jesus, our Lord. They have truly been a blessing for our church and our community. If you ever have a chance to hear them sing, don't let it slip by. Although the Lisembys are going home, the revival is not over. Bro Jack will be back tomorrow night to preach, which is english for "shuck the corn," and his son, David, will be here to do the singing. With the way that the Holy Spirit is moving we, me, our deacons, and Bro Jack, just felt like we couldn't stop just yet. So, we are going to take it one night at a time. We may extend it through Saturday. Only the Lord knows. All that I know is this; I am going to grab onto the hem of Jesus' garment and never let go. I know that numbers are not as important as a person's soul, but numbers helps us to understand how the Lord is working. We had 6 more souls snatched out of the fires of hell tonight when thoses 6 accepted Jesus as their Master, their Lord, and their Savior. The good thing is, is that these are not all teenagers who are getting saved in Cotton Valley. This is not just a revival built around the emotions of teenagers who feel the tug of the Holy Spirit. Grown people, men and women, are getting saved. Entire families are trusting Jesus as their Savior. Out of the 39 lost souls, who have trusted Jesus so far this week, about 50% of them are grown-ups. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Isn't God awesome? Please pray for me and for Unity Baptist Church. As a whole we have grown by about 30% this week. We are going to need to restructure our Sunday school and discipleship training to include new classes. We are going to need more space. We are going to need more teachers. We are going to need wisdom. The Lord impressed upon me today that the REAL work was just fixing to get started. We have follow-up visits to make and parents to see and more lost souls to lead to Jesus. We probably need to bring on a youth minister as a paid staff position to help us minister to our youth who, by the way, probably grew by 60% this week. And, it's not over yet. God is not through in Cotton Valley. Please; I covet your prayers. As the pastor, I need wisdom, I need knowledge, and I need strength to be the leader that God wants me to be. I also need boldness to preach the truth and to never compromise the Word of God. I'll be honest with all of you; if it wasn't for the truth, found in the Word of God, I'd be scared to death right now; scared that I wasn't the preacher, teacher, and pastor to "get er done" at Unity Baptist Church. But, you see, the Lord promised us that His grace was sufficient in all things. That means that He can even help this fledgling pastor know what to do if I will trust Him. And, I will tell you one thing right now, all that I have to give Him is myself, my trust, and my faith. A slave to the Master, Lavelle Spillers

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 25

Update on Wesley: he is doing really great this morning. He walked across the room back and forth and sat up & stood by himself. He has occupational, physical, music & speech therapy everyday. Angelea said: I don't think we will be here long as fast as he is improving.

Revival In Cotton Valley

Here is an email I got this morning from Lavelle Spillers about the revival services at his little church in Cotton Valley. This is Great!!

Well, I know that I promised an update on the revival after Thursday night, but I just couldn't wait that long to brag about my Savior, Jesus Christ. Folks we serve an awesome God!!!!!! We had ten more lost souls snatched out of the fires of hell tonight when they asked Jesus Christ to save them. Four of them told me they were going to go back to their home church, but 6 of them have asked for membership in Unity Baptist Church by baptism. The last one to get saved tonight actually got saved after everyone had, pretty much, left the church. The first one to get saved was saved in my office about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon. Isn't God awesome? He is truly worthy to be praised. That brings the totals up to 28 saved during our services and 5 saved at the high school for a grand total of 33 people who have trusted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Plus, we have had several join the church by letter and we have several young people to follow up on that we need to see their parents before we baptize them. Might even get to lead the parents to the Lord. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was thanking the Lord, this afternoon, for allowing me the privilege of seeing Him move in this church and in this community, I thought about what an awesome privilege it is and I thought about something that David said in II Samuel 7:18-22. David asked God a question. David asked, "Who am I, oh Lord God?" David went on to say, "Who am I, oh Lord God? That You would bless me in the ways that you have blessed me." I thought the same thing today, "Who am I, oh Lord God? That You would allow a sinful servant, such as I am, to witness one of the greatest revivals to ever take place in the history of Cotton Valley." God doesn't need me, but He chose me and sanctified me and allowed me to be a part of His team. Wow, what a loving and caring God!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. I have been praying, since my first trip to the Ukraine, that God would allow me the privilege of seeing Him move in a great and mighty way in the USA. I have been praying that God would allow me to see the same hunger for the Word of God and the same hunger for a relationship with Jesus Christ in the USA, as I saw in the Ukraine. It has taken almost two years, but God has answered my prayers. Thank you Jesus. And, the scary part is; I truly believe that we have only seen God scratch the surface of what He wants to do in Cotton Valley, Louisiana. Please pray that God would keep Satan from rearing his old ugly head up and please pray for me as I seek God's help and God's wisdom in leading Unity Baptist Church into the fields that are "white unto the harvest." We are going to need new Sunday school classes and teachers and new discipleship training classes and teachers. Praise the Lord; what a wonderful problem to have. Pray for Thursday night. I truly believe that it will be our biggest night yet. I love all of you. A slave to the Master, Lavelle Spillers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Great Awakening in Cotton Valley

I decided to post this email from my friend and previous pastor Lavelle about the great awakening occuring in Cotton Valley.

Well, praise the Lord!!! I wanted to send out this email to brag on my Jesus for a few minutes and give all of you a report on how our revival is going at Unity Baptist Church in Cotton Valley. The Lisembys have been doing a wonderful job of singing for us each and every service (I highly recommend them) and Bro. Jack Daniels has, as usual, been preaching the Word of God or as we say it in the south, Jack has been "shucking the corn" all of the way to the cob. We have had four services since Sunday morning and the Lord has shown up in each and every service. Since Sunday morning we have had 18 souls saved by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior during the services. We have also had several rededications and several more join Unity Baptist Church by way of letter and 1 by way of statement. The Lord has truly been awesome!!!!!! Plus, Tuesday morning while Jack and I were at Cotton Valley High School 5 more souls were snatched out of the fires of hell when 5 teenagers accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior after Jack gave his testimony there. Hallaleujah!!!!!!!!!As of Tuesday night we had baptized 10 of those who have given their hearts and lives to Christ and we will baptize 6 more Wednesday night. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!! For He is worthy to be praised!!!!!!!!!The revival was scheduled to go through Wednesday night, but the Lisembys, Jack, and I feel led to carry it over until Thursday night. I will try to send out another report after Thursday night. It is truly amazing what God is doing in the little town of Cotton Valley. I love Him so much for allowing me to be one of His children and yet, I am so unworthy of His love for me. I was reminded during our song service, Wednesday night, of three things. (1) We have a home in glory that Jesus is preparing for His children even as I type this. A home that we don't deserve, by the way. (2) Jesus paid the ultimate price, a price that we cannot conceive, for our souls so that we could live in the "New Jerusalem." And (3) Until Jesus comes to get us their are still souls that we are supposed to lead to Him. Therefore pray, pray, pray for lost people and go, go, go and tell them about Jesus. A slave to the Master, Lavelle Spillers.

Wesley Harty Update 24

pray for wesley harty...lsu is transporting him by ambulance at 7:30 this morning to children's hospital in new orleans for him to begin physical therapy...pray for safe travel and an extra measure of precaution because he still has his skull fl...ap removed due to swelling....he is doing really good...thanks for all the prayers for this family and to god for his many blessings!Read More

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

God is loose in Cotton Valley

I got a call from my friend and former pastor Lavelle Spiilers. He was excited. Brother Jack Daniels is preaching a revival at his church in Cotton Valley. Sunday morning 6 saved and 3 rededications. Sunday night 4 men were saved. Last night 3 youth were saved. Today Brother Jack shared his testimony and 5 youth gave their lives to Christ. God is loose in Cotton Valley.

Wesley Harty Update 23

Wesley walked w/the OT this am!! He got approval to remove his cervical collar today. They are leaving in am for Childrens Hosp. in N.O. on Ambulance. Continue to pray for them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Dog!!

I came home this evening before heading to class. As I came through the lake road, it was raining like crazy and I was crossing places where the water was rushing over the road and lightning was flashing everywhere. I am talking lightning bolts. When I pulled up at the house I saw that crazy dog out in the back yard under the black walnut tree in the pouring rain and lightning running to meet me. What he was doing out there instead of on the porch where it was safe and dry, I will never know. I try not to get into his head and think like him. I went in the carport and gave him his treat and he rushed right back out in the rain. I went in the house and got my books and came back out and he is out there running back and forth and when he sees me he runs back into the carport, but instead of coming to a halt he takes a tumble cause his feet are wet and just pops back up. I needed a good laugh. Crazy Dog!! Oh, he is my daughter's dog.

Wesley Harty Update 22

Update on Wesley, Him & His Mom plan to head to New Orleans Childrens Hospital for rehab on Wed. am by ambulance. PT has him up walking and sitting in chair. Continue to pray for them.


Well it is Monday morning and the week starts with situation requiring prayer. 1. Bro. Earl is having a biopsy today. We pray that there is no cancer. 2. We are praying for a family involved in a custody hearing and our prayer is that the children are returned to the mother. 3. Brother Jerry Adkin's wife went home to be with the Lord this weekend. This is a celebration, but also we know that it is a time of greiving and we lift him and his family up in prayer. 4. Remember Wesley, I have now updates since Saturday. Thanks and have a great week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unity Baptist Church Revival Services

God is Great!!!! I hear from my former pastor Lavelle Spillers that they had 10 people saved today. They are having revival services with Brother Jack Daniels. For those interested the services are at 7 through Wednesday. The church is Unity Baptist Church in Cotton Valley at 304 Humble Street. The Lizenbys are doing the music.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 21

Update on Wes from earlier today. Feeding tube is out!!!! No more antibiotics! Going to New Orleans to Rehab Hospital as early as Tuesday! Keep praying.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wesley Harty Update 20

Wes's Mom posted the following a few minutes ago.

Wes is doing so much better...he is eating better, starting to use his left side more, talking & laughing. He got to get in the cardiac chair & go to the playroom today! It is so AWESOME what I have seen God do in Wesley the last two weeks...GOD is the ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN!!!!

Where Were you on 911?

Where were you? Many events in history has had this question asked. I think most people until this time were asked this about the assasination of John Kennedy. I place events in perspective with where I was when it happened. When Ronald Reagan was shot I was at the barracks at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. I remember the first space shuttle explosion, I was working in the computer center at Kelly AFB. The second shuttle accident I was at home back here. I remember going outside and checking the sky, because as the shuttle path goes, we are not that far off. But the 911 terror attacks were the worst in my lifetime so far. I just happened to have flown out of Little Rock the day before to Kansas City. So on the day of the attacks, I was sitting in class and at one point someone came in to let us know what had happened and gave us a chance to contact our offices. I remember thinking, 1. is this the second coming and did I miss it, though I was certain I wasn't because I had given my life to Jesus earlier in the year. 2. Is the internet still up, this would let me know the extent of the attack. 3. Since the planes were grounded how do I get home? 4. What was going to be the impact on the economy, communications and other things. 5. Now those were my first thoughts cause all I knew at first was a couple planes had hit a building. Had I known the extent of the attacks and the cost to life my thoughts would have been different. 6. And of course my thoughts turned to the safety of my family. Who were back home. My main concern was for my daughter since she was going to La. Tech at the time and knew that would be a good target. I was relieved to find her at home on that day. What are your memories?
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